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3GPP Core Network Evolution towards Flat Architecture Explained

By pankaj on September 17, 2012
Evolution towards flat architecture

With 3GPP Rel-6 radio resource management and mobility management functions primarily reside in Radio Network Controller (RNC) while radio protocols are handled by NodeB. The 3GPP Rel-8 evolves the network in flat architecture.

Many of the targets implied that a flat architecture would need to be developed for LTE so that less number of nodes will be involved and hence reduces latencies and improves performance.

What all new protocols 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology brings in?

By agaur on September 1, 2012

With Release 8, 3GPP has introduced a whole new set of protocols as both radio access network and core network have evolved from the earlier 2G & 3G Networks. In LTE architecture, evolved core network includes Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway  (SGW), Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN GW) where as evolved radio network has only E-UTRAN NodeB (eNB).

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