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LTE Advanced in Unlicensed Spectrum

By agaur on December 21, 2013

As the operators prepare for the looming 1000x data challenge, small cells and utilizing all spectrum resources are in the front and center. Can you imagine the boost they will get if their small cells can aggregate the bandwidth-rich unlicensed spectrum with the quality and seamless mobility of licensed spectrum? But, does it work? What is needed? How difficult it is to realize? What effect it will have on the other unlicensed technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi)?

Samsung Launches LTE-Advanced Smartphone Galaxy S4 LTE-A

By agaur on June 26, 2013
Galaxy S4 LTE-A

 Samsung Electronics has launched LTE-Advanced capable Galaxy S4 LTE-A (SHV-E330S) in South Korea today. The announcement coincides with the launch of commercial LTE-Advanced network by SK Telecom in the country. With the commercialization of the LTE-A network, SK Telecom today released Samsung's 'Galaxy S4 LTE-A.' The Samsung device, will come in two different colors, red and blue.

Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) in LTE-Advanced

By kamal on October 10, 2012

Drive tests are very important in Mobile cellular communication. Drive tests are done by the operators to discover problems in the network such as "coverage holes". Drive tests help the operator to maintain and improve the quality of the network, for example, by identifying the need for tuning of network parameters to achieve better coverage.

GSM to LTE – Radio Transmission Technologies

By kamal on September 15, 2012

Seeds of today’s mobile communication were laid down in 1947 when the AT&T for the first time introduced the cellular concept of reusing radio frequency. Today, the cellular concept is fundamental to almost all mobile communication technologies.

This article provides an overview of the radio transmission technologies used in mobile cellular communication, right from 1G to 4G.

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