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3GPP Release 10

Seamless WLAN Offload with IP Mobility

By agaur on November 6, 2012
Evolved Packet System

Wireless service provides across the globe are aiming to lower the cost for providing data service while meeting the increased demand due to exponential growth in mobile data traffic thanks to popular smartphones.  Since few years, Wi-Fi  offload had been a preferred choice for operators to balance the IP traffic. However, WiFi offload is not often seamless to end user.

Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) in LTE-Advanced

By kamal on October 10, 2012

Drive tests are very important in Mobile cellular communication. Drive tests are done by the operators to discover problems in the network such as "coverage holes". Drive tests help the operator to maintain and improve the quality of the network, for example, by identifying the need for tuning of network parameters to achieve better coverage.

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