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IMS Centralized Services (ICS) Architecture and Overview

By agaur on September 15, 2012
IMS Centralized Services

3GPP initiated, IMS Centralized Services (ICS) paves the way for communication services that are based on IMS mechanisms. ICS enables IMS services for traditional circuit switched voice access. With ICS, user sessions are anchored in IMS network when user devices access via PS or CS access networks. UEs can be enhanced to support ICS capability otherwise UEs without ICS capability are also supported by ICS framework. 

GSM to LTE – Radio Transmission Technologies

By kamal on September 15, 2012

Seeds of today’s mobile communication were laid down in 1947 when the AT&T for the first time introduced the cellular concept of reusing radio frequency. Today, the cellular concept is fundamental to almost all mobile communication technologies.

This article provides an overview of the radio transmission technologies used in mobile cellular communication, right from 1G to 4G.

3GPP Home (e)Node B (Femtocell) Explained

By pankaj on September 14, 2012

Femtocells, also known as ‘home base station or Home Node B’, are cellular network access points also called Femtocell Access Points (FAP) that operate in a limited geographic area in licensed spectrum, may operate over the public internet, and supports a limited number of simultaneous users in a home environment. Its principal functions are for coverage extension and for offloading users from the cellular network.

Why does LTE use different transmission schemes in the Uplink and Downlink?

By kamal on September 9, 2012

LTE Stands for Long Term Evolution. It is the highly flexible radio interface defined by 3GPP. The basic transmission technique used by LTE is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM).

LTE downlink uses OFDM in its original form however uplink uses a variant of OFDM known as Single Carrier - FDMA (SC-FDMA).

Configure YUM using ISO on RHEL6-64bit

By kamal on September 2, 2012
Configure YUM on Linux

YUM stands for Yellowdog Updater Modified. YUM is an interactive, rpm based package management software which is used for installing, updating and removing the rpm packages without dwelling into the complexity of package dependencies.

The following procedure describes the steps to configure YUM repository on 64 bit RHEL6 server using iso.

FTP following packages to the /root folder on linux server

What all new protocols 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology brings in?

By agaur on September 1, 2012

With Release 8, 3GPP has introduced a whole new set of protocols as both radio access network and core network have evolved from the earlier 2G & 3G Networks. In LTE architecture, evolved core network includes Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway  (SGW), Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN GW) where as evolved radio network has only E-UTRAN NodeB (eNB).


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