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Unraveling the Apple Watch: All you need to know about Tim Cook’s smartwatch

By guest on January 26, 2015
Apple Watch
With the increasing demand for wearable technologies, the competition for the best smartwatches and smart headset become the new battleground for mobile device manufacturers. Smartwatches, in particular, is not a new for consumers, especially since various Android wears by Motorola, Sony, and Samusung have been populating the market. However, Apple has finally made the competition tougher with the upcoming release of their own Apple Watch.

Technology for Technicians: 2013 Trends

By guest on February 20, 2013
Rugged Tablet

It is a great time to be a technician using technology. Work done in the field is getting easier, more efficient and more accurate as the tools we use get smaller, faster and more precise. And we can perform new functions in ways we might not have imagined five years ago. Asset tracking, inventory and cloud computing are three of the strongest application trends in 2013.

Green energy efficient power solutions needed to reach the Next Billion mobile phone users – will ‘save the planet’ as well

By guest on February 20, 2013
eSite Solar

Telecom and tech companies could, and will, make billions by serving the ‘Next Billion’ customers in the developing world. However, new strategies are needed to reach this attractive market in an economically viable way. To begin with, mobile operators must adopt green cost-saving power solutions for their networks. All indications show that they are in fact doing this right now, with major implications for the industry and the environment.

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