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Network Sharing: Support of Multi-Operator Core Network by GERAN (MOCN-GERAN)

By agaur on December 22, 2012
Network Sharing - MOCN GERAN

With a number of spectrum reframing (e.g. 900 MHz spectrum re-farming) being done to free up band for LTE technology use, operators may have to reduce their GSM capacity and may share their GSM networks. As re-farming significantly reduces the set of frequencies allocated to GSM, 3GPP decided to look in to the RAN sharing method and along with supporting companies found that MOCN (Multiple-Operator Core Network) is optimal RAN Sharing method.

Local Call Local Switch System (LCLS) Overview

By agaur on December 7, 2012
Local Call Local Switch System Architecture

The transmission path is an important part of wireless networks. In wide rural areas or in remote areas, operators sometimes face the challenges to deploy networks due to the lack of or cost of fast and reliable backhaul transport network. Statistical data indicate that many calls in a mobile network in these areas are local calls. There is good probability that call between two terminals go via same BTS or in between co-located BTSs or with in same BSC.

Samsung Reveals Dual Screen SCH-W2013 Flip Phone

By agaur on November 24, 2012
Samsung SCH-W2013

Samsung has revealed a new Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone with expected price to be in between $2900 and $3200. Device release date has yet to be confirmed. The new expensive flip smart phone has clamshell form factor design, dual 3.7 inches Super AMOLED dazzling screen and Android 4.0 operating system. Phone supports dual network technologies GSM and CDMA and phone is intended for Chinese market.

All About Motorola LTE Smartphone DROID RAZR HD

By agaur on November 18, 2012

Last Month Motorola made its LTE capable DROID RAZR HD available at Verizon Wireless. With a slim design and 4.7-inch HD display, the Android 4.0-powered Motorola RAZR HD is designed for watching up to 10 hours of movies and TV shows or 6 hours of surfing the Web. The smartphone is upgradeable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean by end of 2012.

Seamless WLAN Offload with IP Mobility

By agaur on November 6, 2012
Evolved Packet System

Wireless service provides across the globe are aiming to lower the cost for providing data service while meeting the increased demand due to exponential growth in mobile data traffic thanks to popular smartphones.  Since few years, Wi-Fi  offload had been a preferred choice for operators to balance the IP traffic. However, WiFi offload is not often seamless to end user.

Microsoft Windows 8 Released Worldwide

By agaur on October 26, 2012
Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft's Windows operating system, Windows 8 is now available worldwide with a wide range of applications. Company has worked with several hardware partners to bring more than 1,000 certified PCs and tablets, including Microsoft Surface. Windows 8 features the new fast and fluid Start screen that gives one-click access to the apps and content.

iPad mini First Look & Specifications

By agaur on October 24, 2012
iPad mini

Apple has unveiled new iPad mini that features the same number of pixels as the original iPad with support of additional LTE bands for markets across the world.  All the apps that are designed specifically for iPad will also work on iPad mini. iPad mini comes in a new aluminum and glass design and features dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi support for speeds up to 150 Mbps, which is twice the Wi-Fi performance compared to previous iPad models.

Cellular Heterogeneous Networks: Networks of Multiple Radio Access Technologies

By agaur on October 21, 2012
Heterogeneous Networks

Cellular standards have evolved rapidly in last couple of decades and as of today multiple mobile access technologies exist in operator’s network.  Increased demand for low cost mobile broadband connectivity is driving the development of heterogeneous cellular networks.


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